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Paella Catering Pans

We have Paella Catering Pans to meet all your catering requirements.  We ship nationwide in NZ and to Australia. 
If you have an specific requirements, then contact us

Polished Steel Paella Pans
Enamelled Paella Pans
Stainless Steel Paella Pans
Non-Stick Paella Pans
Paella Pans for Induction/Electric hobs
Paella Sets
Paella Gas Burners
Paella Accessories
Paella Ingredients
Spanish Paella Rice
Churros and Chocolate Sauces
Griddle Plates


We have a variety of larger pans for catering companies.

65cm Enamalled Pan (Serves 25) with 50cm Burner & Legs $400+GST
70cm Enamalled Pan (Serves 30) with 60cm Burner & Legs $500+GST
80cm Enamalled Pan (Serves 40) with 60cm Burner & Legs $650+GST
90cm Enamalled Pan (Serves 50) with 70cm Burner & Legs $750+GST
100cm Enamalled Pan (Serves 90) with 80cm Prof Burner & Legs $1250+GST
115cm Enamalled Pan (Serves 120) with 90cm Prof Burner & Legs $1400+GST

Prices, excluing delivery. Unfortunately we will not split these kits, so burners and pans will not be sold seperately
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