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About our Paella Pans

Our range of genuine Spanish paella pans come from Garcima S.L,

Garcima are Spain's largest manufacture of paella equipment and they have been making paella pans of all sizes for over 50 years and still use traditional skills coupled with the latest manufacturing techniques.  Their Paella Pans are manufactured in cold laminated steel, spun to form their pan shape and then enamelled in the company's own kilns. Garcima use a thicker gauge steel than other manufacturers which produces a stronger pan less susceptible to warping.

Garcima are based in Valencia the home of Paella country so you will not find a more authentic paella pan.

We have chosen a selection of Enamelled Steel Paella Pans (they are easier to clean and do not need to be oiled after use) which are still very traditional in Spain as well as the more traditional polished steel Paella Pans and all the accessories, so that you can cook the perfect Paella at home.
All Paella Pans have a traditional "dimpled" base to help the heat spread evenly & quickly. The base of these paella pans is also slightly dished allowing the oil to collect in the centre when first frying your ingredients & creating the sofrito. They can be used on gas cookers and pans up to 36cm can be used on gas hobs. You can, of course, use all of them on our paella gas burners and on an open fire or barbeque.

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