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Caring for your Paella Pan

One question we get asked is “How do you clean your Paella Pan?”
A Paella Pan should be cared for in the same way other cooking pots/utensils are.
  • We do not recomend putting them in dishwasher (they will survive the dishwasher put you Paella Pan will last longer is cleaned properly)
  • We do not recomend using an abrasive cleaner (we tend to use a wooden spatula to scrape away any residue and then clean with a soft sponge/cloth)
  • We do recomend letting the Paella Pan soak overnight with just water before cleaning
  • You can use soapy water to clean the Paella Pan
  • Steel Paella Pans once dry should be wipe with Olive Oil to prevent rusting (this seasoning is vital to improve the Paella Pan over time)
  • Enameled and stainless steel Paella Pans can simply be cleaned and stored (as they will not rust)

After cleaning you Paella Pan you must immediately dry it well.

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